Qt QML Consulting

Software Application Consulting Engagements

Pthinks designs, develops and deploys powerful integrated solutions for touchscreen, embedded and desktop applications. As the largest source of Qt and QML expertise in Bangalore, India. With a growing presence in India, PthinkS supports Qt and QML developers with a wide spectrum of strategic and tactical software development services.

We can help drive some or all of your Qt and QML deliverable — whether developing a new product, migrating to Qt and QML from a legacy framework, adding new functionality, testing or troubleshooting existing applications, we have the experience throughout the development lifecycle to solve a wide range of Qt and QML development challenges. We provide complete teams of Qt and QML developers to tackle your entire project, single Qt and QML experts to augment your existing staff and everything in between.

Our consulting and troubleshooting services extend across the full stack. We have the flexibility to work with you at any level of integration you require for your development project. We provide proven software expertise and our work is not finished until problems are solved to your satisfaction. Our Consulting and Architecture services include:

  • Qt, QML and C++
  • Desktop Platforms
  • Embedded Platforms (Windows CE/Windows Embedded Compact, Embedded Linux, iOS, Windows, Android,QNX)
  • Cross-platform development
  • GUI design

Mentoring in multiple languages for Qt, QML, C++, Android, iOS, Windows We usually mentor in English, via email, chat or phone. Mentoring can also be provided on-site for limited periods of time.

Code Review We can help you maintain or reach higher code quality by systematically reviewing your code, suggesting improvements and even implementing and in-depth experience in using Qt QML or C++ idioms to create stable, fast, and easy-to-read code. Many of our engineers are respected reviewers in some of the world’s most important Free Software projects.

Code Refactoring You may have heard about refactoring and how it can greatly improve software quality. We have refactoring experts among our engineers who will improve your code and explain what they do as they go, so your engineers can continue to keep up the high quality afterwards.

We help you decide if other software options might be a better choice for you. Contact us to learn more